No boobs or butts!

I love music but I must admit that I don’t enjoy music videos very much. It’s as if it’s not possible to make a music video that doesn’t contain half naked boobs or butts. It’s not really about the singing, it’s about who can make the “sexiest” video. I don’t give a flying fuck about that – I am in it for the music.

Let me give you a few examples of what I am going on about.

Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball


Shakira (laying down) featuring Rihanna: Can’t Remember to Forget You

Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines

50 Cent: Like a G6

50 Cent: Like a G6

Recently I browsed on Youtube and found this little gem of a video. It’s with Carly Rae Jepsen and the song is “I really like you”.

It features Tom Hanks – take a look:

A big thank you to Carly for making this video, and an even bigger thanks to Tom Hanks, who said yes to particitpate in it. You totally rock, Tom! ♥


First Lady

We love going out for lunch, so we obviously went out for lunch on my birthday! We went to a bar/restaurant called The First Lady. It’s not our first visit there, it’s the place in town that serves the best fish and chips in our opinion.

It’s also the only place in town where the lamps wear g-strings 😀




… there are buttplugs on the table O___O



And they serve CoCo-Cola! O_o



I had Pasta Carbonara. It tasted good, but it was way too greasy. I ended up having tummy cramps for the rest of the day! 😦


I hope you had a great weekend!! ❤



Segways this summer?

I am considering to invite Mr. Rinse onto a sightseeing tour on segways this summer.

There’s a company downtown Copenhagen that arranges tours, and even though people look like idiots when they’re on the segways, I’m sure we’d have fun doing that. I mean, it seems like such a fun way to explore the city and hear interesting facts, don’t you think?

I don’t know if I can actually handle a segway though. I am afraid I might fall off and everything will go to hell! Argh!!

It's not possible to go down with style!

It’s not possible to go down with style!


The day after terror

I was downtown Copenhagen today to pay my respect to the victims of a terrorist. The flags are at half mast all over Denmark today.

Flag at half mast to honour the victims

Flag at half mast to honour the victims

I went to the synagogue. It’s guarded by police men with machine guns. It’s a really unusual sight here in the Capital of Denmark!

A lot of people brought flowers to pay their respect.

Flowers by the synagogue

Flowers by the synagogue

It’s been a sad weekend for Denmark!


Terror came to Denmark

It started yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock in the Osterbro area of Copenhagen. There was a meeting with the title “Art, Blasphemi and freedom of speech”. One of the participants was a Swede called Lars Vilks. He was one of the cartoonists that drew Muhammad back in 2005.

At 4 o’clock an Arabic looking man arrived at the scene, pulled out an automatic weapon and started shooting through the foyer. Three police men was wounded and a 55 year old man, movie director Finn Nørgaard got killed.

The shooter fled in a stolen car, which was later found. He took a taxi home to Norrebro, another part of Copenhagen. Shortly after, at 4.30 pm, he left his home again.

Shortly after midnight another shooting took place. This time it was downtown Copenhagen, outside a Synagogue. The synagogue was guarded both by police and a Jewish guard. The guard got shot in the head, and the police men were wounded in arm and leg.

4am Sunday morning, the Jewish guard died from his injuries.

5am Sunday morning, a third shooting took place, this time in the Norrebro area. It’s the police who has looked for a specific man, who they believe were the shooter. When they implored him to stop, he opened fire. The police returned the fire and killed him.

I must admit that I am in shock! It has been ten years since the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten printed the twelve drawings of Mohammad.

The many faces of Muhammad. Source: Wikipedia


I do understand that they don’t have freedom of speech everywhere. I also understand that it’s not a nice thing to insult others on purpose.

What I don’t understand is the reaction and the enormous consequences. This is not an eye for an eye. This is like “I hide your candy, you kill me for it”. Get real and get over it. It’s ten years ago, and seriously: Who holds their grudges for that long!? I know it wasn’t that bad to begin with. I know that it took quite a lot of convincing and twisting the truth to get a reaction in the first place.

Please don’t kill innocent people. It’s not right, no matter which god you believe in.


Prove you’re not a robot!

Prove you’re not a robot, they say.

It’s easy, they say.


But it’s not… O_o


“Before…” movies

Do you think that the dude who puts movies on the shelves in the local DVD shop actually did this on purpose? O_o



Movie titles

It’s not a secret that I love movies. I’ve always watched a lot of movies and we still do.

Most of the movies we watch are in English, but most of the movie titles have been translated into Danish. And seriously, some of them are just translated into something ridiculous.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Original title: The Rookie
Title in Danish:  Koldt bly og varme øretæver
Title translated back into English:  Cold lead and warm whoop-ass

Original title: Bird on a Wire
Title in Danish: Du skyder, jeg smiler
Title translated back into English: You shoot, I smile

Original title: Red Heat
Title in Danish: En Russer rydder op i Chigaco
Title translated back into English: A Russian tidies up in Chigaco

Original title: Silence of the Lambs
Title in Danish: Ondskabens Øjne
Title translated back into English: The Eyes of Evilness

Original title: The Shining
Title in Danish: Ondskabens Hotel
Title translated back into English: The Hotel of Evilness

Original title: Groundhog Day
Title in Danish: En nDag truer
Title translated back into English: A new Day threatens

Original title: Beverly Hills Cop
Title in Danish: Frækkere end Politiet tillader
Title translated back into English: Naughtier than the Police allow

Original title: The Party
Title in Danish: Kom og vask min Elefant
Title translated back into English: Come and wash my Elephant

Original title: Tangled
Title in Danish: To på flugt
Title translated back into English: Two on the run

Original title: Mermaids
Title in Danish: Skønne Sild
Title translated back into English: Lovely Herrings


Sometimes we translate the titles into another English title. Why even bother? Here are a couple of examples:

Original title: The Help
Title in Denmark: Niceville

Original title: Beaches
Title in Denmark: Friends

Original title: Die Hard with a vengeance
Title in Denmark: Die Hard – Mega Hard

Original title: Equilibrium
Title in Denmark: Cubic

Original title: Cruel Intentions
Title in Denmark: Sex Games

Original title: Basketball Diaries
Title in Denmark: The Streets of New York


And here’s a classic for you. Everybody knows the quote from the Die Hard movies: Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker“, right?

Here’s what that quote was translated into in the four first Die Hard-movies:

– Yoohoo, arse-banana!  (Juhuuu, røvbanan!) (Die Hard 1, Ib Lindberg)

– Goodbye and thanks, brother shit (Farvel og tak, bror lort) (Die Hard 2, Niels Søndergård)

– Run and crap, weak pisser (Rend og skid, svagpisser) (Die Hard 3, Lasse Schmidt)

– Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker (Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker) (Die Hard 4, Henrik Thøgersen)


We also watch quite a number of English movies and TV-series on DVD with English subtitles, and even then we find that the English subtitles of the English soundtrack is incorrectly written! Amazing, huh?!


Snoppen och snippan

The Swedish children’s programme Bacillakuten decided that Swedish children should be taught that genitalia is a normal non-taboo thing, so they had a song made about Snoppan and Snippan (child-friendly words for penis and vagina). The song is really catchy – I’m pretty sure that if you’re non-Swedish and heard it withough actually seeing the little video, then you could find yourself humming it afterwards.

Allow me to prove my point – here is the video:

Some of the lyrics translates into: “Here comes the penis at full pace”, and: “the vagina is cool, you better believe it, even on an old aunt. It just sits there so elegantly”. And just for the record: It does sound much better in Swedish than in English!

YouTube originally made this an “adult only” video before reversing themselves on that. That’s hilarious! The target group is three to six year olds.

There are quite a lot of people who decided to share their thoughts about the video on Facebook, some are disgusted by the video, some think it’s totally unnecessary to talk with kids about those parts of the body and yet others are praising the video.

I don’t understand why such an innocent video can cause such a fuss.


The Avengers: Puny God

We watched The Avengers yesterday. It’s from 2012 and we loved it in the cinema. The magic had somewhat disappeared since then and none of us were amused as much as back then.

There is one particular scene though, it’s still my favourite scene.

Loki says: “Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by…”


The Hulk smashes Loki into the floor and replies: “Puny god!”

That’s my favourite scene. Which one is yours – if you’ve got one?